Holiday Dates




HOLIDAY                     DATE OF CLOSURE (3.15 pm)                      DATE OF RE-OPENING (9.00 am)


Summer                       Tuesday 27th July                                          Thursday 2nd September

Autumn (half term)       Thursday 21st October                                    Monday 1st November

Christmas                    Wednesday 22nd December                             Thursday 6th January

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Spring (half term)         Friday 11th February                                      Tuesday 22nd February

Easter                          Friday 1st April                                              Tuesday 19th April

Summer (Whitsun)        Friday 27th May                                            Monday 13th June

Summer                       Tuesday 26th July

The school will be closed on the following Public Holidays:

Good Friday                  Friday 15th April 2022
Easter Monday              Monday 18th April 2022
May Day                       Monday 2nd May 2022
Spring Bank Holiday      Thursday 2nd June 2022
Jubilee Bank Holiday      Friday 3rd June 2022

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Staff in-service education training will be held on the following dates:

2021          Wednesday 1st September
                  Friday 22nd October

2022          Monday 21st February
                  Wednesday 27th July
                  Thursday 28th July

Parents are asked to try and arrange their own holidays to coincide with those of the school.

This is in line with the Governing Body’s revised Policy for dealing with requests for holiday leave in term time. Please fill in the request for absence in term time form and send it into school at least 4 weeks in advance if the requested leave. This will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Permission will not be granted for any of the following reasons:

  • availability of cheap holidays in term time
  • availability of the desired accommodation
  • poor weather experienced in school holiday periods
  • overlap with weekends or the beginning or end of term

A copy of the Policy is available in the school office if you wish to read it.

Application for Absence in Term Time
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