Message from the Chair

Welcome to our school website. I hope that it provides you with helpful information and allows you to get a sense of our school.
For the Governors it is essential that our parents/carers feel welcome; it is recognised that a good relationship between school and home helps with a child’s confidence and development. At High Lane Primary we aim to develop a strong understanding between home, staff, governors and the wider community for the benefit of all our pupils.
Our school aim is to provide every child with a safe, happy and caring environment in which to learn and grow, not only encouraging and supporting them to reach their full academic potential but fostering a love of learning, curiosity about the world, and the qualities and skills to enable them to adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing world around them.
All of our Governors are committed, hard working volunteers with wide and varied skills and experience. It is our role to provide the strategic direction to the school, ensure legal obligations are met and to monitor and evaluate the school’s performance and accountability both academically and financially.
Further information can be found throughout the website.
We wish both you and your child happiness and success during their time at High Lane Primary School.

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